Suburb Trip

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All pictures were taken in original quality, no special effect, no trim. This Sunday, the whole city was in a heavy fog, compared with which, however, in Beijing is different. The fog here looks more like the one in Guilin. … Continue reading

International student day


International student day I went to campus, took some pics, and walked around through QUEEN ST and DUNDAS ST.

entering the main hall building you would first see a large garden.

and beside it, there’s an  ancient gate


the followings are all about city hall, very large and splendid.

Downtown tour

The following day of camping, we went to toronto downtown by subway and took some pics.

‘crowded’ subway

simple transfer circuit, feels like backing to 90′ beijing.

main buidling of Ryerson, everything’s under construction, and it’s located right near eaton center.

IT center

streets near Ryerson, shopping mall everywhere.

through the street there’s a music concert.

pic taken in eaton center, seems i saw it somewhere in Sydney downtown.