FC Switch G port, F port, E port

1. U_Port (Universal) – Port on the switch when booting wait for something plugged into the port.
2. G_Port (General Purpose Port) – Port on the switch that auto configures itself once the attached node logs in to the fabric. The node may be any N-Port such as an HBA (F_Port) or another switch (E_Port).
3. FL_Port (Fabric Loop Port) – Disk array that supports Fabric (public) addressing and relies on arbitrated loop services. Many switches autoconfigure to FL-Port after the attached array has logged in.
4. F-Port (Fabric Port) – Array controller or HBA that supports Fabric (Public) addressing.
5. E_Port (Expansion Port) – Inter Switch Link (ISL) or switch to switch connection within a fabric. Older Qlogic and Sun switches refer to this as a T_Port.

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