Fanexpo & CNE

First of all, let introduce you to the Canadian biggest expo for nerds — the Fanexpo.

at here, you can find many creatures living around you everyday but you just don’t notice.

things as follow:



and at last but not the least: Pretty girls

this girl, friend told me she’s a very famous star in canada, but I dont know her at all…

And below ware shot at CNE, have fun, lovely things.

said it’s toronto’s busiest day, you cant find anyplace else rather than here crowed by thousands of people.

and bear flys

and bear lands

someone’s trying to challenge Guinness World records.

Attention, all personnel, the following things contain blood and adult material, viewer discretion is advised.

if any of you have any idea of what they are, what their name is , please leave a comment as answer, because I know I learned it from elemental school, but can remember the name of it in chinese, can anynone tell me?

At last, let’s see a view of CN Tower

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